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Mrs. Hyacinth Wilson – Company Director

Mrs. Hyacinth Wilson – Company Director

Hyacinth Wilson - Director

The Biblical quotation from the Book of Proverbs 31:10-12 NIV – “A wife of noble character … her husband has full confidence in her” is demonstrated by Mrs Hyacinth Wilson. This stylish, quiet and sensitive wife and mother lends her full support to her husband, Mr James Wilson and the family of Downes & Wilson Funeral Home.

The trust that families have placed in Downes & Wilson since 1988 is underpinned by the role Mrs Wilson has played in the delivery of services. Preferring to remain as a pillar of support to the team, she brings her organizing and facilitation skills to ensure business continuity, solidity, and service delivery par excellence. She exemplifies the efficiency of process and adherence to detail that are so necessary for quality customer care.

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