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Benefits – Funeral Grant January 24, 2019

The following information was taken from the National Insurance Scheme Website – click here for further details

The funeral grant is $2,120.

It is payable:

  • On the death of an insured person, who was receiving or eligible for sickness benefit, maternity benefit, unemployment benefit, invalidity benefit or old age contributory benefit
  • If the spouse of an eligible insured person dies
  • Under any circumstance of death including death caused by an employment injury or an occupational disease

Who receives the funeral grant when an insured person dies?

The person who has paid the funeral expenses.

How is this determined? 

  1. The person who paid the funeral expenses must present a receipt in their name
  2. Only original receipts, NO COPIES.
  3. An original receipt showing  $1,000 or over.

Stipulations for payment

The grant is not payable if the deceased person was entitled to Non-Contributory Old Age Pension.  However, if the deceased:

  • had received or was eligible to receive an invalidity grant or an old age contributory grant or
  • was the spouse of an insured person

For more information, review the NIS Guide to Benefits booklet on their website.

To learn more visit the National Insurance Scheme website.