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Funerals are for the living… it is a process that assists the emotional needs of families, folding death into the circle of life and love.
The trauma and sorrow of losing a loved one make it very challenging to engage in the analysis and decision-making of funeral arrangements. The many services that Downes & Wilson provides, facilitate what is really a very personal decision, an expression of your feelings, and your final tribute to the personality and taste of your loved one.

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The Eternal Flame

The fond memories of those you love are treasures you will always remember. We keep The Eternal Flame as a memorial to your loved one.

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We understand that it is not always possible to pay your respects in person. We therefore hope that our obituaries feature will help you to connect and send your condolences in honour of a deceased friend or relative. You can search for your loved one by clicking the button below to view the list of obituaries.

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Celebrating The Life of Rudolph (Rudy) Boyce

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Celebrating The Life of The Most Rt Reverend Dr Christopher Archibald Atherley


Let our family, help you and your loved ones!

Funeral Planning

A funeral service is a personal undertaking which is influenced by your relationship to the deceased. It provides the opportunity for family, friends and other acquaintances to gather in honor of the person who died whilst being supportive of immediate family and friends.

Repatriation Services

Let us guide you throughout this challenging time. When a loved one passes in another country, making all of the necessary arrangements can be daunting. Our repatriation service will provide the guidance and support you will need.

Floral Arrangements

Flowers are a traditional part of the burial rite. They are not only beautiful, but also an expression of love, sympathy and respect for the deceased and their relatives. Flowers create a background of warmth while also exhibiting the frailty of life. We work with professional Florists to assist you with your floral needs.

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