These words say exactly what’s in our hearts! … For being willing to listen And willing to share Not only knowledge But compassion and care. You have a very special way that makes all the difference. Thanks to everyone who was involved in the funeral of Tanya Lamontagne. Your attention to detail, compassion, and patience made a world of difference during this time of great sadness. The Family of Tanya Lamontagne

The Family of Tanya Lamontagne

To the Staff at Downes & Wilson Funeral Home As you continue to give of your best to comfort, direct and care for those who grieve the death of their loved ones, God will reward you for this great ministry. Thank you all. The family of the late Frank Skeete

Frank Skeete

Dear Sirs, On behalf of the Payne and Mc.Caskie families, I am expressing sincere thanks and gratitude for the excellent attention, care and professional services given by the management and personnel of Downes and Wilson Funeral Home with respect to my beloved brother, Karl. Every single aspect of your service was perfect. That in itself has been a tremendous comfort to me personally, my siblings and friends, Karl's children and the wider extended family. I will continue to recommend your Company as the very Best in Barbados. Yours sincerely G.A. Mc.Caskie (Ms.) Attorney-at-Law

G.A. Mc.Caskie (Ms.)

On behalf of  Marva Maynard and the Gilkes family, I sincerely thank the staff of Downes and Wilson Funeral Home for your arrangements and support given during the preparation and funeral of my brother Cyril Anthony Gilkes. Greatly appreciated and God's blessings on your services and staff. Best Regards, Rosalind Griffith

Marva Maynard

Thank you for the excellent service provided. We are very pleased with the services offered. With you on board, greatly assisted in our planning. Your responses to our requests and queries were timely and efficient. We the family of Merlina Estwick appreciate all that Downes & Wilson Funeral Home provided. Excellent service February 2019

Family of Merlina Estwick

My Dear Christine, Praying that you will have a wonderful vacation. Embrace the joy of each moment. Thanks for your kind hospitality and helpfulness. May You continue to receive the blessings and wonderful love of God who is always with you. Mary Graham

Mary Graham

I would be remiss if I were not to reiterate how much Monica and I appreciated your able and steady support throughout the entire process. Despite the sad occasion, we enjoyed working with you and the entire staff. Mr. Wilson’s presence at the funeral was also very meaningful to us and the family. Be assured that we would highly recommend Downes and Wilson to our friends and colleagues. God Bless Jocelind Gant

Jocelind Gant

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for all you did to ensure Lionel’s funeral was as hassle-free as possible. Mr. Wilson said to us at the beginning not to worry we will take care of everything for you and he certainly did. From all my last minute calls with countless questions, it was all handled with patience and understanding. Most of all my mother’s faith in Downes and Wilson remains absolute and she was able to let go and concentrate on saying her final goodbyes. I also want to make special mention of the drivers who were very professional and took really good care of us throughout the day. Natalie Jordan for The Clarke & Jordan Families

Natalie Jordan

The funeral of Daisy Lowe Hi Christine, I want to say special Thank you to you. To the staff at Downes & Wilson Funeral Home, I wish to say a special thank you on behalf of my family and me. The Service was excellent, care of my gran was superb she’s smiling at us. Your teams' professional service, credibility, and compassion, towards us was unsurpassed. We are happy that we chose your company, what stood out most to me was to see all the employees wearing peach shirts that touch me deeply. Christine, once again I thank you. Regards, Alphonsa Dixon

Alphonsa Dixon

The funeral of Vashti Riley Hi Christine: Good morning. A sincere thank you to you and the team at Downes and Wilson for helping us give Mummy a lovely send off. You were great to work with throughout and we really appreciated it. Kind regards and all the best to you and the team. Diane Riley

Diane Riley