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Eagle Hall Main Road | St. Michael | Barbados

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Mr. James Wilson - Managing Director

Mr. James Wilson – Managing Director

Our Team

Mr. James Wilson - Managing Director

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Mr. James Wilson J.P will always greet you with “Hello, I’m James”. Managing Director of Downes & Wilson Funeral Home, Mr. Wilson often referred to as Mr. Downes is married to Hyacinth Wilson and they are the proud parents of Dean Wilson. The holder of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Community Mental Health Science from the New York Institute of Technology, and having completed his studies at the American Academy McAllister Institute of Mortuary Science, Mr. Wilson commenced his career at Benta's Funeral Home one of the most prestigious Black institutions in Harlem, USA. His relationship with the principals of this venerable organization exists to this day where his son Dean is employed as a Funeral Director....

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Hyacinth Wilson - Director

Mrs. Hyacinth Wilson – Company Director

The Biblical quotation from the Book of Proverbs 31:10-12 NIV – “A wife of noble character … her husband has full confidence in her” is demonstrated by Mrs Hyacinth Wilson. This stylish, quiet and sensitive wife and mother lends her full support to her husband, Mr James Wilson and the family of Downes & Wilson Funeral Home....

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Mr. Dean Wilson

Dean Wilson

Dean Wilson the son of Mr. & Mrs. Wilson is the Funeral Director at Benta's Funeral Home one of the most prestigious Black institutions in Harlem, USA....

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Rosemary Haynes - Accounts

Rosemary Haynes


Tramadol Prescribed Online

Christine Smithwick

Christine Smithwick is often mistaken for a recording and is the voice you hear between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. when you call the Downes & Wilson Funeral Home....

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Sheridan Lewis

As one of the most senior members of staff, Mr. Sheridan Lewis has been a part of the Family of Downes & Wilson Funeral Home for over 20 years....

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Orlando Harper

Orlando Harper

Orlando Harper joined the Family of Downes & Wilson Funeral Home as a Driver. He gained the confidence of Mr. James Wilson and now is also tasked with the delicate job of dispatching legal documents relevant to registering of deaths....

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Neil Carrington - Maintenance Technician

Neil Carrington

The cleanliness of the exterior and interior of Downes & Wilson Funeral Home is placed in the capable hands of Neil Carrington....

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Katrina Bryan

Katrina Bryan joined the Downes and Wilson Funeral Home Team in December 2016. A trained Graphic Designer, Katrina prepares the artwork and designs funeral booklets. She also designs wedding invitations and thank you cards. Some of Katrina’s unique funeral program covers may be viewed in our services....

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Barry Haynes - General Worker/Chauffeur

Barry Haynes

Barry Haynes has been a part of the funeral business for many years. A former student of the Ellerslie Secondary School, Barry studied Electrical Installation for five years before establishing his career in the hospitality industry as a Chef, working the restaurant circuit for over thirty years....

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Norman Oscar Austin - Chauffeur

Norman Oscar Austin

For more than thirty years, Norman Oscar Austin affectionately called “Boyea” has faithfully served the Funeral and Luxury Transport Services industries with great esteem ensuring that customers and fellow employees arrive at their various destinations safely, securely and in comfort....

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Jeffery Cox - Funeral Director

Jeffrey Cox

Another individual who lends support to the Downes & Wilson team is Jeffrey Ricardo Cox. With more than 30 years experience as a Taxi Operator, he has travelled the world as a Seaman and given 20 years Supervisory service to Super Centre, Rock Dundo....

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Morris Brathwaithe - Master Mechanic

Maurice Brathwaite

This easy-going gentleman is responsible for the preventative maintenance and upkeep of Downes and Wilson vehicle fleet....

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Ronald Gilkes - Casket Painter

Ronald Gilkes

For over forty-five years, Mr Ronald Gilkes has been practising the trade of casket painting. This dignified silver-haired gentleman who is known to many as “Tony” has been a part of the funeral industry since the era of Mr Leabert Downes....

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Ronald Cox - Casket Painter

Ronald Cox

A former student of the St Giles Primary School, Ronald Cox has been a member of the Family of Downes & Wilson for many years. Since 1986, Ronald, who is affectionately called “Rodney” has been involved in the business of casket painting....

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Junie Holmes

A dedicated and long-serving staffer, Ms. Holmes' tenure started with Mr. Leabert Downes. Ms. Holmes' served as one of the pillars in the community of families that Downes & Wilson…...

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Leonard Gibbs - Joiner (Retired/Deceased)

Leonard Gibbs

Leonard Gibbs started in the coffin building trade in 1949, Mr. Gibbs continued in the joinery tradition that is quintessentially Barbadian. He was known to the funeral trade across the…...

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By Tramadol Online Uk Tramadol 50Mg Buy Online Uk